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I'm trying to get back into this hobby but keep feeling self conscious about it. I want to explore mature topics so I'm only interested in partners who are close to my age. The thing is, almost every ad I see in the adult section is for private 1x1 RP. Since I'm not experienced with private RP, it's kind of intimidating. I'm used to group settings where character relationships are unplanned and everything is improvised.

The majority of RP ads I see are for 1x1 with a specific plot to follow, so I guess I'm going to be relearning how to roleplay. What advice can you give me?

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Being new-ish here myself, I feel like my experience might be at least slightly similar to yours. I came from an in person sort of dynamic and absolutely felt intimidated/unsure about what people expect or enjoy here. The best advice I can give is to be friendly and pro-active. See if any of the ads are at least similar to something you would like or look like they could be. Then either respond there or reach out directly. Be upfront with the fact that you are returning to the hobby and open about what you are looking for. Then see where they stand. I have absolutely had people tell me they didn't think I would be a good fit, and I have had to tell people I didn't think what I was looking for was a fit. As long as you are polite and kind right from the beginning, then the interaction should be pleasant. I think it's important to remember it isn't anything personal. People have different taste in movies and books and that's somewhat like here.

If you feel you are not having success with the above method, then I would recommend posting your own ad, outlining what you are looking for and again being upfront about your concerns or areas you feel less confident. That should help people who are already interested in what you are looking for and aware of where you stand connect with you.

I hope that helps. I can only say that I have given it a couple weeks worth of testing, but I have found a couple partners that I am excited about and was able to start lots of back and forth. I have also made a few friends that while our interests don't align at the moment, who knows what the future will bring.

Above all be kind and understanding. It will probably take a little work and a little time. It's nothing personal, we are all just here looking for different connections.

Best of luck!

A slight post-script. While I definitely fall into the category of someone that plans a "specific plot to follow", I can promise I have met people that should fall comfortably into the more relaxed and improvised arena you are interested in.


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