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Here's the case: The defendant's name is Suzaku Higarashi. His best friend, Liam Williams was killed by Suzaku's fiance, Kairi Yamaguchi. Suzaku was coming home from work and had wonderful night with his friends. He had partied too hard and stumbled out of the bar when saw a dead body of his best friend, Liam and Suzaku got framed for the murder.

The reason for Kairi killing Liam is because she thought Suzaku was hanging out with Liam a lot, but in reality, they have working hard; saving money for the wedding of Suzaku and Kairi.


Oct, 21 10:00 AM - Kururugi Law Office

Riku yawned as he walked into his office. "Man. What a night I had." He said as he got another defendant innocent. Riku walked into his office when he saw a woman in his office. "Excuse me, miss. Can I help you?" He asked.

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