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hey, i gots to get these outta my brain.

Idea 1: rogue like dungeon crawler. with rpr theme. in the vein of games like fatal labyrinth where floors, enemies, and gear are placed randomly, and each floor has slightly tougher enemies and slightly better gear then the last. the next details i'll knock out real fast.

three classes to choose from on start. knight: starts with higher health, can wield shields and two handed weapons in addition to one handed melee weapons, can use heavy armor. has higher carry weight to start. (aka more slots to stuff things in. has low starting mana. Rogue, medium starting health, has higher chance for critical hits, has higher evade chance for avoiding damage, can use light armor, does better when throwing items at enemies. average mana. Mage: has lower starting health, but higher starting mana, can equip scepters which have infinite use spells that draw from player mana, get's extra charges from wands which don't draw from mana. can equip robes which could could 1 of any variety of buffs. could be higher mana regen over time from movement, could give more carry weight, could increase damage done with magic.

Vendors: doubutt, rare, has three mystery items all costing the same amount, could be something on the level of the previous floor, the level of your current floor, or the level of the next floor. The bull wizard dude from character creation could sell mana potions, wands, and spells, the epic shop lady could be general items, like armor, health potions, and weapons, the alien could be really rare and sell limited use laser blasters that do a lot of damage but are pricey and have only a few charges. each floor completed could put a point towards a meter, like, inspiration? as the associated meter with the game, inspiring people with your heroic feats of skill?

Idea 2: darkest dungeon style game, making use of the side shots of the avatar maker and have little parties walk from one side of the screen to the other. maybe people could group of into teams of 3 or four to keep that multiplayer element, fight various enemies. you could choose your own class when you start, knight, healer, ranger, rogue, mage, gunslinger, and maybe you could include mascots again as a randomly selected 5th party member, with each bringing their own buff to the party, doubutt, gives random buffs to the party every other turn, bull wizard uses magic, the orc guy used in the 18+ forums checking ID could be a melee fighter.

also, a while before epic week, you could put out a contest with prompts for people to do art that could end up being the background of scenes. some could be fantasy themed, or dungeons, space, a tavern, a cave. forrests, volcanoes, anything you think could be a cool thing

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