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Lilypaw (played by dirk)

This is a closed RP with Lyko_Harl

A few stones tumbled down the side of the riverbank, alerting the vole that was scrounging for food along the rushing water. With a wince and a quick mental scolding, the sleek RiverClan apprentice sank into himself. He was supposed to be doing his hunting assessment and was sure his mentor - his mother, MarshFeather - had just seen him fail miserably. But he knew he couldn't let it end here (even if it felt like the whole forest was falling from beneath his paws) , not after one bad paw placement.

Shaking his head as if that would disperse his negative thoughts, Lilypaw stood and continued to skirt Riverclan's border once again. In the height of Leaf Fall it was harder to find prey than the young cat would have imagined but he had never seen a Leaf Bare he could remember. Born nearly 12 moons ago, his own birthday was actually in the thick of Leaf Bare and by the time he was able to remember early life, the snow had begun to thaw. The apprentice continued on like this for awhile; lost in his thoughts and simply trotting the length of the border without scenting for prey.

A strange smell made Lilypaw stop in his tracks, nearly skidding to a halt.

The scent before him was strange, one he had never smelled before. It was warm and soft, but mingled with the reek of twolegs. As far as he could tell, it belonged to another cat. But what were they doing this far from the twoleg place and in RiverClan's territory? Lilypaw dropped into another hunting crouch, completely forgetting his mother was monitoring his progress. At this moment, he didn't care; all he cared about was running this intruder off his land. Maybe that would make up for all the prey he missed in his absent-minded stroll.
Angel (played by Lyko_Harl)

How long had it been? Angel wasn't sure, one minute she had been with her two-legs, the next she found herself wandering through the forest, she had never been this far from her two-legs and it scared her but she felt like she belonged here, in this forest, if only it hadn't been for her sleek white coat that didn't seem to blend in well with the orange and brown coloured scenery. It was getting close to leafbare and while she may not be a stray or anything like that, she knew how couldn't it could be during leafbare, she had been lucky enough to be able to lay in front of a tame fire and warm herself up. Now, unless she found a way back home, she would be stuck in the freezing cold.

Her amber eyes searched her surroundings, not only was she starving but she had no idea how dangerous it could be out here, she gazed down at the water for a brief moment, she wouldn't be able to cross it, regardless of whether or not it was deep, she would freeze her poor pink paws off if she walked through it, not to mention, she wouldn't know how well she would be able to run if there was something like a rabid dog or even a rabid cat, she crouched low to the ground as she lapped up the cold water that seemed to freeze her throat as she swallowed it, she wasn't used to water this cold, even when it was newleaf and the two-legs gave her cold water to keep her cool, she hated not knowing where she was or when the next time she would be able to eat.

Angel's ears swivelled around slightly as she heard something like Earth moving beneath something, she brought herself as close to the ground as she could, trying to hide but she knew it would be of no use as her pelt was that of a snow white and everything around her was dark and dead or dying, she glanced at the water, worst comes to worst, she could jump in but the only problem with that was that she couldn't swim and she knew the coldness would numb her limbs making it almost impossible for her to swim even if she knew how to, all of this was too risky, especially when she didn't know what she had heard.

Angel pressed herself against the roots of a large tree, her small body crouched close to the ground, she tried to look for a scent, anything that could tell her of the other creature, and thankfully she got it, it smelt of another cat, perhaps a young tom? It smelt like the cats around her age at home, she wasn't sure what cats were doing out here but she could only assume that it was feral and that was enough to press her ears against her head and to send her tail lashing, but she didn't move and just waited.

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