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I think this forum is mostly for art of drawing and such but I think it's same time the closest to poetry cathegory what I have in mind.

There are some poetry or songs from world I have used for rp and which I like to hear what you people think of them.
Some of them are translated from Finnish so hope they are still understandable.


Quietly to ground falling the leaves of autumn
Memory of june, withers to frost
Winter is coming soon, it's raining light
All the surroundings it wraps to the gray cloth of autumn

Standing under tree. Forgotten to moment
The young girl with blonde hair.
Touching the rind, it's rough surface.
The mark of love and broken heart.

Mornign rises above the whitening ground.
Mighty tree's fallen by the storm
Drying and withers, turning to earth
Only memory of life, it left remaining.

Seed grows from ground, it raises to the heights.
Years passes, seedling get even stronger
If one day under the roof of leaves.
Cover would it give for small birds.

The young girl with blonde hair.
Next to the trunk into soft soil.
Plants the seedling, continues the life, when
Quietly to ground falling the leaves

Curse of Khiskeu

Let the greed kill the ground under feet.
Let the rock break and reduced to sand.
No treasure is safe, nothing will be last.
The clay to crumble and soon be all gone.

Let the selfishness pollute life giving water.
Let it be broken that was once united.
Make poison to spread across people and land.
to be torn apart and to drift away

Freedom was given for good and bad
Freedom was given for love and hate
Freedom for to speak an to stay quiet.
Freedom to do and to make undone

Calling for freedom love and peace,
but who’s capable of carrying them all?

Let the indifference extinguish the flame of love.
Let the laziness and meaningless work tire the strong.
The cruel winter of negligence is rising
for to freeze the care as well as consuming hate.

Let the lies rot the air that be breathed.
Let the speech be silenced like the sing and dance.
Deception ruling over ears, eyes and lips
to stop what's moving and to truth be forgotten

Let the darkness of mind consume the light around.
Let the sense being vanquished for the night of madness
Let the foolishness being crowned as a king
And wisdom being locked up to the prison of lusts.

Rightness is being brought to unjust.
What’s been sown now must be reap.
What’s been deserved shall be given,
Justice for the good and bad alike.

Calling for freedom, love and peace,
but who’s capable of carrying them all?

The writing I made which inspired to write the above song

Earth under our feet's dead by our greed.
Water that we drink poisoned by our selfishness.
Air that we breath rotten by our lies.
Our love, cold and dead, extinguished by jealous and hate.

Our strength is weakening to laziness or consuming work that means nothing.
We rose great. Lords of ourselves, so we thought.
We had freedom. We could do what we wanted to, but were we worth to carry it?
What we have when our freedom is shattered? What’s left when our pride and joy have been taken from us?
This poem is about when my friend/crush was ignoring me (we are back to being friends, but i still am in love with him)

I love your stupid smile
I love your stupid face
I’ve loved you for a while
You cannot be replaced
I love the way you look at me
I love your stupid eyes
But you think that i cant see
I love that thats a lie
I hate when im not with you
I hate it to my core
Do you feel this way too?
Does your heart feel sore?
I love it when we laugh together
Or even when we cry
Cause at least we are with each other
So we spread our wings and fly
I love feeling this way
But i hate it too
Because i always want you to stay
But you never do.
If we just stay like this
Holding in whats inside
I will never feel your kiss
And ill never be your bride
I hate when you dont text me back
It makes me feel alone
Loving you feels like im on crack
But turns my heart to stone
Please dont hold in what you feel
Stop making me want to cry You make me think this love’s real
Which makes me want to die.
If we were to kiss
Would you pull away?
I cannot go on like this
I am not okay.

(Sorry its bad)

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