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I was curious, does anybody else like to make OSTs for their roleplays? Or is it just a me thing? I've always found that compiling a list of songs from different media that gives the feel of certain scenarios and locations helps spark my imagination. I even go as far as to assign OPs and EDs for my roleplays as well.

Maybe I'm just a goober?

I don't often do it for RPs specifically, but I do make playlists for my characters and sometimes for my original worlds/stories. (My character Aquila, for example, has a link to his playlist on his character profile :)))
I usually have songs and sometimes playlists for my charactersz
I don't outright make playlists, but I have a lot of songs I like to play for specific moods/themes! It really helps with the creative juices.
I've only made an OST once, and it was with music I wrote myself. Other than that one instance, I usually don't use an OST. Though I do sometimes like to find music I think fits the characters I make for their "personal theme songs." Lol.

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