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Aurora Jenkins (played by Victoriantruth)

Aurora lived in a dark, mean world where everyone had a talent for nagging and where being mean was a requierment for everything. Okay maybe she was exaggerating a little. Not everyone was mean but everyone was very angry. People weren't happy at their jobs, in their home situations and no one had an exact reason. And although her parents had always treated her with respect and they had never been prejudice about people nor been extremely mean, She knew that they were looking for something more. The loved each other but never said so since it was taboe to share positive emotions or events and so they lived side by side, talking very little and not really knowing each other very well. And yet, she never hated her parents. She knew that they grew up in a world with alot of aggresion and destruction of property so they didn't know any better and for as far as they had grown up in such a miserable world, she knew she was lucky to have them. She knew alot of people and kids with way worse situations.

It was a dreary thursday afternoon and she was on her way to her uncle clive. He had called her parents because the basement of his antique store was completely stock full of stuffy dusty things and ofcourse he was too old to clean it up. Aurora knew it was made up, her uncle was as lazy as he was big and her uncle was very big. But she didn't mind. His store and basement had always intrigued her and made her stomach all tingly wish she liked.

She had brought some gloves, and special equipment to clean up old things and ofcourse a bag for things that her uncle was going to throw out, she would always sneak it out and either display it in her room as part of her collection or make something new out of it. She had a whole floorboard filled with colorful things that noone knew about. She knew that if they ever found out, she would be up for hell of a beating.

But for now, she only had to worry about the spiders and dust which was the least of her worries. Actully, as for right now she had no worries. It was a good bad day.

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