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Razor (played by TanukiYasu)

As the title states, I'm looking for people who have played Genshin Impact or are familiar with the current story and its characters to write with. I write Razor with a few minor headcanons under his canon backstory. I can write in other characters if the story has need for their temporary appearance for plot development or interaction, but my main muse is Razor. I prefer to write in the canon universe with our own plot since the game's overall story is incomplete.

Blood and violence are approved if it happens to come, and in terms of romance, having been raised in the wild, love will come slow as I believe Razor's oblivious to human feeling like that.
Magic 80%
Magic is common.
Technology 50%
Combat 50%
Combat is expected as part of the storyline but it won't dominate the plot.
Romance 40%
Romance is slightly desired, but the overall plot is more important.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

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Razor (played by TanukiYasu) Topic Starter


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