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carrd: | discord: visceradical#2570
> Always open to DMs if you have any questions that aren't covered here! <

Commissions are... OPEN!
CURRENT SALE: 15% off all muzzle/animal-faced furries! (Ends 06/14)

Please visit my carrd to check out my full TOS!
Commissions can be requested using my Google Form.

I am currently offering unlimited slots on all of my commissions! Turnaround is under one month and artwork will typically be streamed during my working hours. I'm open to: humanoid characters, monstrous characters, furry (flat/muzzle faced) anthros, NSFW content, horror/gore and full reference sheets!



Black & White:

🡶 Portrait: $25+
🡶 Waist-Up: $50+
🡶 Full Body: $75+
Flat Color:

🡶 Portrait: $40+
🡶 Waist-Up: $60+
🡶 Full Body: $90+
Cel Shaded:

🡶 Portrait: $50+
🡶 Waist-Up: $80+
🡶 Full Body: $125+

For more references and commission types, please reference my carrd or reach out to me directly! ♥
Auberon Moderator

Visceradical has done some gorgeous work of my characters on several occasions (third one from left has my OC in it ;) ), and I HIGHLY recommend him as an artist! His streams are super awesome to watch, too. You get to see the process. :D
visceradical Topic Starter

Starting a sale on all muzzle and animal-faced furries! Any commission featuring this kind of character gets 15% off the total price!

Sale will end on 06/14. ♥

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