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“Yes, go deeper into the cave to get out. Because that’s always worked for everyone who’s ever tried it. By the gods you people are fools. I should have known better than joining up with you. But what I’ve done cannot be changed. If you insist on going down then we’ll need more light.”

The voice came from a fellow who looked about as average as one could get. Like a monk on a pilgrimage, or a bars traveling from inn to inn. What he worn under the black robes was unknown, and a sinister aura radiated from him with ease.

Why this man had joined up with a group such as this was truly a mystery for the ages, one that could be pondered later. “So, it doesn’t matter to me, but I don’t recall everyone going over their names. Let’s start with you, Lightlover. I suppose this way we can give the poor rabbit her wish of knowing if everyone is here.”

He paused and shivered, his robes soaking wet. An issue in itself, with hyporthermia and all that. As a result he stripped from the robe, revealing the clothes beneath, somehow remarkable less wet than everything else. Two finger snaps to get everyone’s attention and a sentence or two was his next and final move. “Come on. Hurry up.”

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You are on: Forums » Fantasy Roleplay » How to train your Dungeons and Dragons.

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