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(Closed to new requests! Thank you for offering such unique characters.)

Heyo! Looking to practice and get inspired. While artistic in nature, please know that this art is not my own, but instead manipulations of existing photos. With this in mind, these should only be considered references for creative fun. <3 I retouch hair, eye and skin color, the end result being references which are more accurate in nature. All genders welcome -- these work great for humanoid OC's with unique color. If this interests you, please message me to discuss more detail. Rest assured, this will be kept updated whether it's closed or I accept more spaces, it'll vary pending the interest here, after all!


Auberon Moderator

What a wonderful idea! It's very kind of you to offer your services. :)

I just want to gently remind everyone that it's very important to only use photos that you have the rights to - particularly if you want to upload them to the RPR. Websites such as Pexels and Pixabay have amazing free stock photos that you're able to use without having to worry about royalties and licensing, including many images of people in addition to scenery. Google isn't a reliable source of photos when it comes to licensing, as the images you find are most often not free to use. Please keep this in mind, and have fun being creative!

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