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Nevermind. I figured it out. I'd appreciate if staff were more responsive to help topics, though. :/
The Help area is mostly for when you have questions that fellow users might be able to help with.

The only actual staff of the site is Kim herself; if you need specifically her attention, it's best to use the contact form (it defaults to bug report, but you can use the drop down in it if you have a question or suggestion). If it's moderator input you're after, you can message one directly, or you can report your own thread/topic so the mod team (which is all volunteer) gets a ping to come look (that's all reporting does, give them a ping; a report does not, itself, count against anyone). I've reported my own threads or posts when I've been unsure if I might have crossed a boundary, and mine or others if it seems like a conversation should be monitored or that someone needs mod help more than community help, as some examples.

And I'm not sure if you were trying to find out something or trying to better understand something, but if it's the former case, this site does try to keep some decent Help documentation available, and Kim's always happy to be informed if there's things missing or out of date in there. :)

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