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So I made my own universe, and wanted it to be seen publicly, plus I wanted help on writing the story of the universe.
Could I make a group that's meant for writing out the story in a google doc? Or would it be better if I made it for others who want to contribute ideas to the universe? Maybe some combo of both?

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You can certainly do both!
I've seen groups used in a variety of different ways, several of which were definitely not how they were originally intended, but were still perfectly acceptable uses of groups!

If you want the whole thing to be written out in a Google Doc, then I personally would make a group where everyone can see it, and then use the forums and threads in the group to talk about ideas and suggestions, to flesh things out, and to debate the merits of various things. I wouldn't necessarily let everyone be able to make changes to the Doc, though, because you never know when someone's going to get huffy, or a troll might slip by and Totally Rek Yo Shizz. (ALSO I would make sure that you're not accidentally revealing your real name to anyone through the Doc. I've seen that faux pas before.)

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