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Hey, you. That's right! I'm talking to YOU. Do you like ARK: Survival Evolved?

Maybe you've seen a little group called Auroverse floating around. Did you know we do GAMES as well as ROLEPLAY?

Right now, we're building an ARK: Survival Evolved community on top of our friendly roleplay userbase!
Wanna see the deets?

- Ragnarok is our current map of choice!
- PVE is enabled with NO friendly fire!
- 3x tame speed, harvest amount, etc.
- 5x egg hatch, baby maturation, etc.
- A mod list, which you can find here!
- Pick up structures is enabled!

The Steam version of ARK: Survival Evolved is required in order to connect, and the server is password-protected.
You can find the IP and password in our Discord. Come on in!


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