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Forums » Art & Creativity » Croc like Alien Commission please?!?!?!

I am looking for someone that can do reptilian people fairly well.

Now the character in question is one of mine.

Keep in mind, she's more croc like rather than lizard like.
She's an alien, by the way.

Cruxa is a tall, reptilian humanoid. She is muscled, and slender for her race, as they tend to be of a heavier body and muscle mass. Her eyes are very reptilian, slitted pupil with no sclera. The eyes are a deep green and gold in color.
The ear holes are rounded just a little on the side of her head, just above a thick, almost squarish jaw. The hands and feet of the Crocadelarians are clawed, though most tend to file them down to more of a dull point so as not to appear as intimidating as they realize their race looks. The mouth is filled with pointed teeth in the back, but from the front to the canine they are flat and almost razor sharp.

Their skin is literally an olive color, from olive green to olive black with accents of tan.

The females have no breasts, but are more slim and elegant in build. The males tend to be thicker of muscle and taller yet, than the females are. As a general, they are over seven feet tall and have an extended life span.

They are an intelligent race, though they make look brutal to most. Many of them are scientists and historians. Their race is starting to falter due to a genetic abnormality that causes one in three offspring to be born de-evolved. In short, they appear to look like the common crocodile or Alligator. These offspring are kept together, and deposited onto certain worlds throughout the universe. They are looking for a way to stop this abnormality, but have not found one yet.

The appearance of this species is a very rare one, but not completely unheard of.

Please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease someone help me!

<3 Ripley

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