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Brimstone (played anonymously)

Hope this is okay? Looking to hire an artist to draw/help me design some concept art for a character I want to revive. Messy details can be found on this character's RPR.

General concept is a reverse-shiny/variation colored Charizard with a more draconian appearance.

Paying PayPal, likely won't go into triple digits, however!
I'd be happy to help you and draw something for this dragon guy! You can see my examples here. My style is maybe a bit too much cartoony for what you're looking for but still trying!

Have a nice day!
Giovanni (played by Maneki-Neko)

Hello there! I love drawing video games, i have a few pokemon characters i portraty myself. Like….Giovanni.
The display portrait i have actually being some of my artwork. :)

I also do commissions and can discuss further details and provide samples~ just hit me up~ i even have a charizard sample i could show you…my prices are very reasonable and most say way too underpriced, i have my logic though, so yeah! Send me a pm come check me out! I have discord let’s get aquanted!

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