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hi there !! faerie here, and as you may know, i keep my characters anonymous unless otherwise asked privately. It's most likely going to stay this way for awhile, so i thought i'd leave just a few of my newer characters here, in hopes that someone finds them as interesting as i do and wants to interact with them!

i'll update this whenever i think of ideas for each but it's late and i can't think of any.

Vestelle Qinlee
🍄🌻🍞 Y/C been Vestelle's protector for years. Having come of age, she are now expected to ascend the throne as Fae Queen of the Forest, but she wants Y/C by her side. Although they've loved Y/C since they were a teenager, Y/C only sees her as their charge—their duty, nothing more. In order to fully ascend and claim what's rightfully hers, they must be mated by midnight of the next equinox. They only have two months to prove to this person that what she feels is real and that Y/C is meant to be her life mate so they can rule the Underworld together.

🍄🌻🍞Yes, Vestelle used to be in love with a vampire, but they were just seventeen and emotions were running high. She broke it off with the vamp before she left for college and, although it was weird to go back to the real world, they knew it was the right thing to do. But then students at faer college begin to go missing. Bodies are found on campus drained of blood. When her roommate and then her new signifigant other disappear, they've had enough. It's time to put on some garlic, grab a stake, and end this relationship once and for all. They just hope they can resist the vampire's irresistible charms.

🍄🌻🍞Vestelle is new in town and determined to blend in and keep a low profile. After securing a job at a local coffee shop, they manage to convince everyone that she is a normal human and not a Faerie with a dark past. When a human regular at the coffee shop starts taking an interest in her, she can't help falling for them. Just when she becomes comfortable in her new routine, an unwelcome reminder in the form of your Faerie ex struts back into her life. Before they can blow Vestelle's cover, she must reveal the truth about herself to the person they love.

🪐🎨🧿Duckie's life was uneventful until New Year's Eve, 2019, when a strange portal opened in the air in front of him and a panicked figure ran out, claiming to be from the future. They said they wanted to save him from government agents from thier time, who were about to travel here to kill him. They explained that, sometime in the future, Duckie will create a technology rendering all other energy sources useless. He laughed, telling them he is a broke college student who eats ramen three times a day. Before he could convince them they had the wrong person, another portal materialized.

🪐🎨🧿When Duckie was young, he was friends with a neighborhood kid who liked the same things as him. Both of them were dirt poor, but it didn't seem to matter; as long as they had each other, there was always a make-believe adventure right around the corner. The other kid grew up to be a star [insert profession] and, now that they're wealthy beyond imagination, seems to have forgotten where they came from. Duckie hasn't talked to them in years, but a death in the family brings them back to the old neighborhood, where the two reconnect and reintroduce them to the life they left behind.

🪐🎨🧿Duckie's trying to get back to his fiancé for Christmas but a major snowstorm prevents him from flying. Luckily, a generous stranger offers to drive him across country in their truck. The crazy cross-country trip may be more than the two bargained for when sparks begin to fly.

June Campbell
-> [insert possible ideas]

If anything interests you, contact me via PM otherwise, i more than likely won't reply, because i don't check forum posts often at all. Thanks !!

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

I'm down for some RP!

Lemme know!

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