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1. A female character with strange, elaborate gold markings across her body of unknown origin
2. Lives in a sort of twisted fantasy world
3. Roses hold some significant meaning to her

Just a few random ideas I thought were interesting, have fun!
She could be a druid.

The markings are written by her own magic each time she accomplishes something, like her life story written on the skin, that increasea as does her powers (based on her learning and experiences lived)

The first marking was in the shape of a golden rose on her palms when she first used powers to heal/help others
Perhaps because roses symbolize so many different things, and she has many lessons to learn and people to help, she had different tints of roses all over her skin by the time she's finished many tasks. Learning to heal, golden roses for preservation of life (that's not official but it works I think) learning to make friends, yellow roses for companionship, completing an enchantment or falling in love, a purple-hued gold rose, red-gold over her heart for falling in true love, pink gold for admiration, blackened gold when someone dies or she fails a great task - and small gold blooms of hope for the next one, white-gold rose for purity, and a white-and-red-gold rose when her love is reciprocated.....
Maybe she also likes fairy tales. :) Speaking of fairy tales, perhaps she has a fairy enchanted or queen or something who is holding her captive, or waiting for her to 'graduate' by completion all these tasks. Or perhaps she set her an impossible task to finish, but the power of her roses will make the druid's power much stronger! If you want the fantasy world to be twisted, maybe there are all sorts of mercenary deals and master-servant relationships like this all over the world, involving magic; or maybe it's a world of soulmates, and the witch has bound herself to the girl as a soulmate when she isn't really.
Or she is and they have a really complicated, dark relationship.

:) I like fanfiction, and it's tropes, don't sue me. XD
Kim Site Admin

From my housemate, who is an unstoppable fount of character ideas:

As a baby, this girl was abandoned in front of a place of worship, the order of The Golden Rose. They believe that she is a prophesized savior. She has been indoctrinated to bear the marks of her station to all that witness her (the gold tattoos). She doesn't actually understand what they mean, but they hold significance to those in the know.

Twisted fantasy themes: The symbols are the lines along which the blade must be drawn to release her true self from her cocoon of mortal flesh when she reaches a certain age (think Hellboy). Is this true? If true, does she actually want this?

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