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coldrain (played anonymously)

After responding to an ad for a band looking for a vocalist (or guitarist if you prefer) for a new project, Y/C didn't  hear back for a couple weeks and assumed they didn't  make the cut. But then, they wake up to an email back from the band with a video attachment.


The video opens with Riley way too close to the camera, fiddling with it, as Ashka sat in the middle and Jordyn at the end.

"Yo, this thing on?" Riley mused as she looked around the camera.

Ashka turned her face away as Riley wriggled around in front of her.

"Get your ass out of my face you stinky rat!" Ashka exclaimed as she shoved Riley to the side.

"What the...!!!"

The video then cuts off and switches to the three of them sitting with Jordyn in the middle this time.

"Yeah, so we looked over your demo and..." Ashka started before getting cut off.

"Yeah, so we looked over your demo." Riley mocked before chuckling, "Why are you being so serious?"

"Will you shut up?!" Ashka shouted as she turned to Riley.

Riley cackled like a gremlin as Ashka reached across Jordyn in an attempt strangle Riley.  Jordyn leaned back and widened her eyes when that happened.

"Oh my GOD!  How many takes do we need to make?!" Jordyn exclaimed.

The video then cuts once again.  In the background, Riley and Ashka were sprawled on the ground on top of each other seemingly unconscious and only Jordyn was in frame, smiling.  Did she just...?

"Hi (Y/C)!  Thank you so much for sending us your demos.  We really like what we heard so we wanna get together for a jam session to see how we vibe.  Details will be in the email.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!"

When the video ends, Y/C stares blankly at the screen, wondering what they just got themselves into.


Y/C can be M or F.  PM me if interested!

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