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Keke Moderator

Hi, friends! I have a Dragon character that I would like to develop, but I am currently struggling to click with a background for her and other personality traits or an occupation. I would love to see what you can come up with that I can weave into a fully fleshed out character.

* Female.
* Lightning/Electric Dragon.
* Fantasy setting.

Her design has already been finalized, so if you would like some photo inspiration, please see below:
Drawn by the ever talented Rollikins.
Looks like a mercenary type to me. Someone who you don't think is in that line of work but next thing you know, you're face down upon a tavern aisle. The blade pressed against the back of your neck, she looks tough but with a soft heart with animals and children. Someone with a turbulent past, war born perhaps. A woman who lost it all but never let that kill her. Guarded and mysterious.
Kim Site Admin

Is a lightning dragon, but can't shift back to her full lightning dragon form and is stuck in the humanoid shape until she completes some kind of quest/personal growth? Retains some but not all of the powers while this is the situation. Possibly as they complete stages of the quest/personal growth, they gain the ability to manifest limited parts of their dragon nature, like just the horns or just the wings?

Really enjoys salt water taffy.

Always trying to talk friends and acquaintances into letting her give them new ear/facial piercings.

Has a surprising allergy.
Keke Topic Starter Moderator

Thank you both!

I am working through her profile a bit this week, and I hope to incorporate both of your suggestions in some way. I'm excited to see her grow!

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