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Forums » Help » What is the ideal group banner resolution?

Hello. :) I'm in the process of making a group, and I wanted to know what resolution I should make the banner in?

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Kim Site Admin

Are you planning a full width banner (open air content style) or a contained one (windowed content style)? :)
Aardbei Topic Starter

The group is currently set to "open-air" since that was the default.
Kim Site Admin

So, the height for that is going to be 250px, but the width is going to depend on how big a screen the person is viewing your group with. I tend to make mine 2000px wide, and am careful not to put any content that I don't want to be cut off anywhere near the edges since I never know where the crop is going to end up.
Aardbei Topic Starter

I might go with windowed in that case, how wide should I make it for windowed?

Also, just to cover my bases (since I am still tweaking the style), in an open-air banner, what is a good margin for the edges? About 200-300px on both ends?

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