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Ethan Draco
Base Class: Knight, Cleric
Advance Class: Paladin

Personal Goals:
Short: Acquire steel gear.
Long: Find an order of dragon knights to learn from and potentially gain a dragon mount from.
(Dragon Paladin acquisition.)

Level 1


Strength: 6

Defense: 8

Stamina: 5

Dexterity: 5

Accuracy: 5

Speed: 5

Magic: 7

Resistance: 7

Mana: 5

Intelligence: 5

Charisma: 1

Luck: 1


Hand-To-Hand: 3

Grappling: 5

Swords: 5

Spears: 3

Glaives: 0

Axes: 0

Hammers: 0

Maces: 0

Crossbows: 0

Mail Armor: 5

Gambison Armor: 5

Plate Armor: 3

Horsemanship: 6

Healing Magic: 2

Light Magic: 5

Dark Magic: 0

Fire Magic: 2

Wind Magic: 0

Electric Magic: 0

Water Magic: 0

Earth Magic: 0

That's my character I've written up as an example, but I don't know if I should post his possessions and such... ANYWAY! I point out that it can be played with graphing paper for maps, each square representing a 3ft length & width or so as a single door is about that wide and for distance for combat... Even THAT is a bit much.

"Acquire steel gear?" He's the second son of a knight, his older brother will be taking over for his father... So he doesn't have the family gear... Plus I wanted him to start off with basic lvl 1 new gear. He's a paladin, which is a knight + cleric/white mage... ANYWAY! Mama is like stamina, it's a value that is diminished by the use of magic, but that can be restored with resting and consuming items... Except stamina can only be restored with potions I suppose.

ANYWAY! Let me know what you think if you see this!

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