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Merril (played by Cheshika)

“Now, come forth, answer my call…”

A strange voice beckons you in your sleep, and thinking not much from a dream, you comply; only to find yourself in a different word from your home!
“You who are not controlled by the rules of our world, please help us…!”

It’s a world ruled by magic, yet it doesn’t look fantastical at all: something has thrown off the balance, and nature itself seems to be fighting back in a frenzied state against an enemy its inhabitants can’t see nor could possible known.

The flora of the magical forests growing to gigantic proportions, draining the earth of mana and nutrients and giving rise to a strange miasma that turns Beastmen aggressive and poisoning elves, humans, and fairies.

The oceans turned restless and dark, no longer safe for their inhabitants as whirlpools from the deep threatened to pull any poor soul into the crushing unknowns, and turning once-flourishing port cities into shadows of their once glorious days.

Mountains shudder and fall apart with strong tremors coming from the earth's core, awakening beasts once in a deep sleep, angry and confused at the world's state and lashing out in neighboring villages and kingdoms.

Gaia is fighting, fighting something nobody in it can see, and when the leaders of the different species tried to ask the great Seer inside the Kingdom of Aenocia, they found it barricaded with a magic shield that let nobody leave nor go inside, cutting all communication with the world outside...and sending everyone else in a state of panic and suspicion towards the Kingdom's leader, King Edius, on why would he let the other kingdoms to fend for themselves by denying them any sort of explications.

The 'explication' they found after so much digging and reading was shockingly alarming: a 'foreign agent' was attacking the mana crystals that served as regulators around the world, and Gaia, unable to pinpoint the enemy in a single location, was trying to get rid of them in any way it could. The damaging force behind this attack had to be defeated, the crystals purified and the cracks mended if they wanted the world to return to normal. Alas, there was but a single problem that stopped them completely from stopping this crisis.

Gaia hid the presence of these crystals to its own inhabitants for precaution, thus, denying them the chance to even try to help the world heal.

Nearly losing all hope, their last hope falls on the one thing that is causing them problems right now: introduce 'foreign agents' that may help them find the crystals and save their world, hoping it doesn't cause the opposite...

In less world, what I’m looking for is a group roleplay going for the old ‘let’s save the world!’ plot.

I’m currently thinking of what species are limited due to how the world is going to play out, but right now I’m thinking:

This is because I’m not sure how it would differ, for example, an elf summoned from another world in a place where elves already exist- if you really want to have your character in the story and it’s already in the species list, you can send me a PM and we can work it out.

Now, what species are in this world?
(Humanoids with animal characteristics or bipedal animals with intelligence that have their own society and rules)
(Beasts or just creatures with some some level of intelligence that refuse to mimic human society and follow nature’s rules)
-Harpies (Female-only species)

And what if I want to be part of the world/have my character already in the world as one of its inhabitants?

You can, you would just need to PM for more details on how the world works and other stuff related to that. I'm still ironing some details, but if you find this interesting feel free to reply and ask away!
Magic 100%
Mundane? What's that? Magic permeates every part of the setting. Almost everyone has access to strong magic.
Technology 50%
Combat 50%
Combat is expected as part of the storyline but it won't dominate the plot.
Romance 50%
Romance is desired but not required, and will balance evenly with other plot.

Details: adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played with a small group of players.

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Aeron Samael Sylos (played anonymously)

Ooh, this one sounds very interesting! I would love to join in!

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