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Hey guys, so i had an idea to maybe start a new rp group.

My ideas are everywhere at the moment and i need your help to make sense and what i could do with these..

I was thinking that maybe there could be maybe 10 or more rooms - i would draw some digital art for each room which will be in seperate forms.
You could be human, half human, animal, shapeshifter mainly whatever if it suits what i want.

You would have to find specific items maybe or work with eachother to figure a way out of that room - there will be resources to help you figure out what the riddle is saying or what items you will need and resources. Such as *You find a wooden draw with 7 oat bars and 3 apples in*.

To make it a good Rp i might add in a death timer or something like this... such as if people havent exited the room they have been in for the limit 4-5 days there could be a 24 hour clock that at the end it will take all hosts in that room to a testing lab where they will have to escape before they become mutated with an disease * Much like the werewolf disease* but this one will make you ( if animal - a human) and the same twisted and (if part animal and human, it could give you an special ability)

I, Myself might be playing - but the group Manager ( Me ) will be giving Hints about the room in riddles maybe every 1-2 hours??

When you or certain people have completed that certain room you will move to the next room ( in the next fourm) Yes they will have seprate names.
it may take me some time to create the images i will be using if not i will find some example images online.. and the group but once made will anyone join it?

I need suggestions and to know if anything doesnt make sense or if i have missed anything out and what could or might be removed.

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