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A world where vampires and humans live together since the segregation law ended in 2018. Any powers are allowed, you can choose to be human or vampire, romance is allowed, cursing is allowed, may contain mature themes, language, ideas/visuals. You can have a 1x1 rp with each other, or a group roleplay. Any gender is allowed, no controlling another person's character unless they allow you to, please try to be as descriptive as possible. ENJOY! :)
Nia Caddel (played by AlanisLy) Topic Starter

The alarm from Nia's phone interrupted her slumber, forcing her to slide off her silk eye mask and sit up in the bed. The black black-out curtains kept the room pitch black just to Nia's liking since she didn't favour the sunlight that much. She never felt refreshed after going to sleep, only felt the growing urge to touch humans in order to take their energy and feed off of it. Sliding out of bed, she walks into the kitchen to grab a glass of water until she heard the sound of someone moving boxes in the hallway outside.\

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