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Map Commissions!

I'm finally feeling confident enough to post my maps! I'm an Inkarnate Pro user who's been making maps for over a year now and I would love to help you develop a map!


1) The price is the base map + secondary altered maps if secondary altered maps are requested.

2) Payment for the base map is delivered up front. Secondary Alterations may be requested at any time during or after the map process. Half of the price of the alteration will be paid up front, and the second half will be paid once the watermarked final piece is revealed. The non-marked piece will be given after payment.

3) I will allow endless minor revisions, but there will only be 3 major revisions such as re-arranging continents and etc. After that, I will still work with you to create a map that fits your vision, but I will likely need visual aids or a clear and concise written description after those 3 major revisions.

4) I may use maps for display unless you ask me not to!

5) I will not re-create maps from pre-existing fantasy content. Not only will my perfectionism kill me, I'd worry about copyright 😅

6) A map may take up 2 Weeks to develop. I am a college student unfortunately, ha.

Pricing and Examples

Completed Map
A full map with terrain details.
50$ USD


Secondary Map with Moderate Alterations
An edit of the original map that includes moderate changes such as just recoloring, additional assets, etc.
+ 20$ USD


Secondary Map with Complex Alterations
An edit of the original map that includes major continent changes, recoloring, etc.
+ 30$ USD


Just the terrain base
An edit of the original map that removes all terrain assets and leaves a blank map. Colored or otherwise.
+ 3$ USD


Just a terrain base
A map that is just the blank continents.
10$ USD


The program used is Inkarnate Pro, which grants pro subscribers a commercial license. You may not resell maps purchased from me. Maps will be yours by the terms of use of Inkarnate Pro to do as you like with, though you may not sell individual assets as your own. Payment will be done through Paypal or Venmo.

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You do NOT need an example of your map to have a map done, but it is encouraged!

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