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Hi all, I'm Cami, your resident sleepless template designer who only does it in spurts because adhd and hyperfixation. Such things are what brings me here today.

I've made a series of templates that are ONLY going to be allowed to be used by people who play characters of a specific custom species from a custom world I've made. Now I have pages of templates and sorting through them to find the one I need so I can make edits can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. I often find myself having to go through the pages several times to find it and sometimes using the ctrl+f feature just doesn't pull up what I'm looking for. So what I'm proposing is a similar feature like what we have for characters where we can input custom categories and assign them. Let me be clear though: I am only looking for this on the creators end, not the sites, as such a thing would no doubt make searching through user-made templates even harder - assuming anyone other than me even categorizes their templates lol

Obviously I don't know how feasible this is, but if not would it be possible to input a search feature to make it easier for people like me to find one template in the sea of them that we have made rofl

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