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I swear this is the twelfth or so time I've made this topic and just scrapped it each time without posting it. XD

So here's the short(ish) version. I've had this idea for a setting in my head for going on 4 years now. It's been basically homeless for that time as I figure out what to do with it. It has quite a lot built up already, and a lot of things about it are set in stone. It really doesn't have room for variances on race outside of what it was designed to support (which isn't exactly narrow, but after being here for a few months, it might be in terms of this community), and it was originally designed with a lot of common TTRPG mechanics in mind like character progression and random chance.

I've tried adapting it into multiple TTRPGs over the years, but it just doesn't work quite the way I want in any system I've tried. I've even tried building my own system to house it, and some of the bits of that system do exist in the setting now just because they were pretty bespoke elements to begin with that probably couldn't function outside of it.

Now I'm considering turning it into a group. I actually thought of making a group out of it before I even started working on Verdant Wilds, the current group that I manage, but I wasn't sure if RPR would be the right community for it given how restrictive it is compared to most other groups or games on the site. VW was made with RPR's general audience in mind, kept to a 13+ rating, and intended, primarily, to offer things that might evoke gentle feelings and relatable everyday conflicts similar to the kind of TTRPG books I love but never get to run.

This setting isn't like that at all. It has more in common with adventure anime and conventional TTRPG settings. There's combat, there's quests, there's loot to be found and actual peril. But the way I envision it, it also has a focus on people cooperating to solve problems. It'd probably be a bigger time investment than most groups, and certainly more than VW, which I made to be more chill and relaxing.

I do still intend to do things for VW. It was a group inspired by things like Redwall or the worlds of various TTRPG systems that I love, but never get to play in and can't find groups to run for. I even want to possibly expand VW to include a Discord server and some more group events where I could actually run some TTRPGs that might interest its community. But there are other things I want to do that are definitely beyond its scope, and which would evoke completely different feelings in people. I just don't know if this is the right place for those things though...

So, I wanted to interest check about a game or a group that is a lot more strict than what I normally see. The actual setting has been something I've added to on and off for 4 years, but adapting it into a group would be time-consuming, take a lot of effort, and possibly a monetary investment in some pages, given what kind of information there is. This is a big project to me that lives in the back of my head and I'd hate to work on something like that for months only to see it flop.

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