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GM for rp (played by Tjogs)

Loud alarm was ringing throughout the facility.
Distant shouting of men were mixed with irregular gunfire and faint smell of smoke creeped in the air.
Then the the whole building was shaking like under the earthquake as large explosion ripped through the Western wing where maintenance section and powerplant of the facility was located.

Lights flickered and died as the power was cut before the emergency lights and local backup power kicked in.

Two armed guards stood one on the each side by the heavy metal door.
"The intruder just blasted through the maintenance wing like that?" The smaller one spoke.
"It seems so. They said he is heading towards the cell blocks where specimen are housed." Bigger of the guards spoke.
"And that means he must use this passage to get to the North Wing. He should be here any moment now. Get ready"

Both men lifted their rifles aiming to eerily red glowing corridor ahead of them.
"I can't see a thing but what's this strange sweet smell? Like a... flower?" Smaller spoke. He waited for his partner to respond but heard nothing.
"Zick? Wha...?" He turned to look on his left when he realised the bigger man had slumped against the wall and on the same instant something white flashed at the corner of his vision on the corridor.
The smaller of the guards didn't had time enough to even turn his head when stars filled his vision and then just dark."
Are you still looking or is this open to just post?
GM for rp (played by Tjogs) Topic Starter

This was the starting post of RP which I already have player and moved to PM play.

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