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I'm a bit sick right now so I'm hoping to maybe start up something that isn't very on site or doesn't require me to remember all that much.

I would like to find people willing to be writing partners to share literature with. I want to be clear, specifically not roleplay.
I want to do this for two main reasons, firstly practice.
Secondly I feel like I'm surrounded by a lot of unfinished works and like a lamprey that attack themselves to me feeding off my passion and blood until I have nothing left to give them.

I'm hoping to spark a bit of inspiration and ambition.

Edit: I'm pretty much no longer sick anymore, I had been for like a week before when I made this post and thought I was going to be for much longer. Turns out I was treating the wrong thing the entire time, but I'm better now. But I'm still open to writing partners,

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It might be good to put this over in Art & Creativity. It's not just for visual arts, after all. :)

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