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i think it'd be really nice if we could 'toggle' whether or not we want a character displayed on the character connections widget as a stand alone section. what i mean is: if my character has plots in MODERN settings and plots in FANTASY settings - it would be nice to be able to 'toggle' whether or not i want connections made in MODERN to show up on a character connection widget dedicated to FANTASY. (random capitalization because i'm struggling to type, not aggressive typing)

character connection widget 1#
> John Smith (friend)
A charming fellow i met out adventuring

character connection widget 2#
> Jane Doe (friend)
Waitress at the Tom & Jerry diner in downtown New York

as it stands we can have two widgets and choose to not have a section of people listed 'friends', etc on one of them but not specific people. if my character has friends from two separate settings i cannot display that via two widgets. they end up stacked atop one another and while i can specify whether or not character A is from plot A and character B is from plot B - it becomes rather cluttered if you are attempting to display 'different AUs' on different pages

the only current fix is to re-name friends, enemies, lovers, family, etc to 'modern, fantasy, sci-fi, etc' but RPR still declares 'so-n-so' hate each others guts when that is not the case. what i'm suggesting is a filter that you can toggle whether or not you want someone on that specific widget, in addition to the already existing option of toggling whether or not you want your friends, etc listed on that specific widget. (probably in the relationships settings or the widget editor directly)

i think it'd add some neat customization options to folks who like to divide and conquer on their character pages
I've often thought something like this would be good if just because a monogamous character in multiple separate games could end up with multiple monogamous romances listed, which can look kinda odd; and characters open to polyamorous relationships could end up really, really confusing when being used in multiple unrelated games. Characters can also end up with multiple separate families. With friends and enemies, it's pretty reasonable to expect multiple people who have never met each other (but helpful nonetheless to be able to specify continuities for organization, or avoid weird immersion things with multiple time periods going on); but with family and romances, it can really look just... odd, confusing, and messy.

I tend to avoid using this widget at all in part because of there seeming to be no really good way to separate continuities.

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