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This is something I would like to see come to fruition since I care a lot for RPR and everyone here. Does anyone else think this is a good idea?
Different systems in use.

Accolades result from reporting things like bugs via a form that goes Kim specifically. These are things that only the admin has the access necessary to fix/change. It creates a little memo to her to address x thing in some way, and I'm pretty sure the granting of accolades is built into that system.

Spambots get reported to the moderators instead, as that is something that's in their power to take care of (and lets Kim focus more on the admin tasks). To my knowledge, the mods have no ability to grant any accolades. Reporting spambots is definitely helpful! But it seems like it would be awkward to try to give mods the ability to grant accolades for that one thing, and including other report-to-mod things could quickly turn into a very messy debate about what should or shouldn't earn an accolade. Should someone get one for reporting a user who might be breaking rules? For reporting a topic posted in the wrong area (possibly even their own)? For asking the mods to check in on someone they have concerns about but can't address personally? For reporting their own thread to request deletion if they feel it's no longer needed for one reason or another?

But something related that you could do: If you're able to gather info about the bots you find and report, info that you think might help Kim tighten up RPR's defenses against such bots, it's at least worth asking Kim if that might be useful. (I suggest asking in this case because I would assume she has the means to investigate via whatever records might linger after deletion; but that doesn't necessarily mean she has the time to pursue individual bots that don't appear to have anything in common that could be useful for improving bot defenses.)

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