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So since I noticed that when I make posts and ask peoples opinions on them, they're often confused about things I don't expect them to be confused about. I've had very little luck with getting rp partners for some time, and I've had a few people who seemed confused about what the RP was about, so I thought maybe I would do better if i changed my posts up to be more explanatory.

Now I only want input on the LFRP post here, I already know the whole 'niche topic' thing, this is just a very different format than I usually use and that's what I'm unsure about. I don't know if it works, if it flows well, and most of all if it actually explains everything it sets out to explain.

So I was hoping to get some input on how I could write it better, make it more appealing, or if there's anything that is still unclear I could fix. Any insight into what makes you click or not click on LFRP ads would also be appreciated.

On a related note, does anyone know what the best day to post ads is? I am guessing 9:00 A.M. (my time, thats pacific northwest) is the best time, since thats usually the best time on reddit and I dont see any reason it'd be different here. But I dont know what day would be best. I'm guessing either friday or saturday?

The ad I just wrote up is below.

Cuddly twin RP

Well I've made a number of these before but I've been noticing I tend to get a fair bit of confusion as to what the RP is for, so I will now endeavor to be more clear and clear up some confusion. (I hope this still works and is appealing to people...) So without further addendum, I present:

What is this RP?
This is a cuddly cuteness-oriented RP where each of us roleplays as one of a pair of twins, or at least siblings that are close in age. I usually RP in a fantasy setting, but can also do sci-fi or modern if necessary. The roleplay could include adventure elements, but this is neither necessary nor guaranteed. The main focus of the RP is on detailed cuddling.

What kind of characters should be used?
Since we would both be playing one of a pair of twins, the characters for this RP should be designed for this RP. If you really want you could use a name or personality from a character you already have, but physical descriptors and to some extent personality should go together with their twin, so we would work together to design them (though in all likelihood it wouldn't require much beyond coloration.)

I can role-play just plain humans, but I usually prefer slightly-fantastical races. In my own fantasy setting we have Dragar, which are mostly human-like but with some draconic features (light scales in some places, sometimes horns or antlers. Additional features possible if desired.), otherwise Kemonomimi (Humans with animal ears/tails) or one of a few elf-like races are good for me. I don't usually do anything further from humans than that, though.

What setting will the RP be in?
I am ok with sci-fi or modern settings like I said, but my bread and butter is definitely fantasy. I have my own setting, I can share lots of details on demand but generally the specifics arent too important unless we get into some adventure. In general, the technology of the setting varies from neolithic up to steampunk, with the main regions I would consider roleplaying being generally less advanced (analagous to the classical era). The setting is called 'heartlands', the eponymous region being a vast untamed wilderness in the center of the continent. IF we choose to add some adventure, I have quite a few locations and scenarios to lead into adventure (in between cuddling.)

Using that setting is not necessary as I said previously. Having said that, my favorite starts are generally being in a tribe, usually with the main characters being hunters. Its a convenient way to have the kind of characters I like, make them relatively independant, give them time for cuddling, and be ready for adventure if the RP goes that way.

What is my RP style?
I am relatively flexible; I often do many paragraphs when narrating or during action but can also do brief responses for quick roleplaying if we're roleplaying in real time. Generally cuddles tend to be a single paragraph per post, its somewhat difficult to really stretch them out into many paragraphs without fast forwarding through them too much. I tend to get into RP's the most when I can get through alot in a single 'session' of roleplaying, but I am fully capable of doing one response a day or something similar.

What specifically is going to be focused on in the roleplay?
Descriptive cuddling and assorted cuteness is the main focus. Expect lots of hugging, nuzzling, sleeping in together, cuddling to sleep, taking baths together, and just general affection, but also potentially other kinds of cuteness like being protective of one another or taking care of eachother when they get hurt, cooking together, etc. It is not generally a drama heavy RP though, so don't go in expecting that.

Generally if you want to do some adventure in between cuddle sessions, I am game, but I usually want to get into the rp a little bit before I start planning out any kind of adventure. I just like to have some familiarity and reason to think the other person wont immediately ghost me before I get into that.
I think the main issue that I see is when you say cuddles there isnt enough clarity. The twins are cuddly with each other, other people or both? What kind of cuddles? (Hugs, snuggles, nuzzling, etc).

I read through twice checking but that's the one thing I didn't grasp from it.
Spiritualeclipse Topic Starter

EndPhase wrote:
I think the main issue that I see is when you say cuddles there isnt enough clarity. The twins are cuddly with each other, other people or both? What kind of cuddles? (Hugs, snuggles, nuzzling, etc).

I read through twice checking but that's the one thing I didn't grasp from it.

How do you think I could elaborate better? See to me like, since I know what it means, it just seems apparent and I have difficulty describing in more detail what it is about. And I'm also worried that it'll break up the 'flow' of the ad if I spend like three paragraphs on one random detail, since I kinda think most people dont read the whole ad and the longer it is the less appealing it'll be, that being part of the reason I want input.

edit: I editted the post and did my best to be clear with cuddling. Is it better now?

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