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I'm really liking draft mode. It's so nice to know that people won't see my character until I'm ready to show it. However, I keep forgetting which ones are done and which aren't. I noticed that it shows a notification on the 'Your Stuff' page, but that page doesn't show all characters. It shows all the characters I have set to draft right now, but as I edit characters certain draft characters could get pushed down off that list. (Unless it's set up in such a way as to keep the draft characters eternally at the top?) I also noticed the notification at the top of the actual character screen when viewing the page. However, I browse my characters mostly using the actual My Characters page and there's no notification there of which character is in draft. Considering how many characters I have, it's pretty easy for me to forget which I have set to draft and which I don't. Having a notification on the My Characters page of draft set characters or adding 'draft' as one of the organization options would be really helpful! Something like that to help differentiate draft from published on the My Characters page so I don't have to click through trying to find them.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider my proposal :)

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I'm going to scream at the top of my lungs to second this, because I also use the "Your Stuff" > "Characters" page to do all of my character editing / sorting / etc, so it would be super nice to have a symbol or indicator of some sort to see what character is in what mode. OTL My dumb pea brain easily loses track...
I hadn't actually used this yet, so went to go check, and... oof, yeah. Since both are set on the same page anyway, maybe draft mode could override public/anonymous when it's set? Especially since seeing the profile listed as "Public" when it's in draft mode is... kinda false. ^^; I know that just refers to whether people can see it's your character or not, but that's the spot where I expected to see it on the My Characters page, and seeing a profile marked as "Public" when literally only I can see the profile at all does not like trying to fit together in my brain.

And I will absolutely lose track of which characters I have set to draft mode or not if I decide to start using it, unless there is some indicator on the My Characters page. ^^; I can't even keep track of what food I have in the fridge without actually seeing it. So yes, some sort of indicator there, please, whatever that might be. Overriding Public/Anon, an icon, some sort of color difference to that character's "tile," a separate section that appears when there are characters in draft mode (which... I think would be nice for sorting Public vs Anon characters too, for those of us who have both), whatever.

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