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I’ve seen people show their art on forums and the thing is I really want to but I just don’t understand how to do so. Since I’m on my phone and I feel like it’s harder to understand. I would love it if someone put steps down to show me I’m very bad without visual help…

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Hello my friend! <3

To upload photos, I use the website and it works perfectly for me. Here is the steps if you want to use it:

1. Go to the website.
2. Log into an account or make up
4. Choose the photo you want, and if you tap it before you upload it, you can name it something and other settings.
5. Click upload.
6. When it says it’s done, click the photo and it’ll open to another tab with the description.
7. There the pictures will be with the title you chose (or default title), you scroll down a bit and click the ABOUT sign that has two arrows.
8. You then click “copy” on the IMAGE URL line.

If you just want the picture in JPG form, you have to make an account. If you don’t make an account, you can still copy it, but it will lead people to the website instead of actually showing the picture. So I suggest logging into an account or making on. It’s free and easy.

I hope this helped!
starwolf Topic Starter

Alright thank you!
starwolf wrote:
Alright thank you!

No problem! <3

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