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Project 364 (played by Osris)

It was a late cold night in the year 3030. There were a lot of robots and android slaves around the would. Lately androids were very hard to buy or find. Causing them to be a thing people fight over since they wanted to look good with a slave.

Most people had a very small chance on finding one, but today was different. Project 364 was powered down in a alleyway. She was a little rusted, but she was still in good shape. She ran out of power one day when she was hiding from her old boss since he was not treating her correctly. The moon lit up her body a little. Causing her lifeless, black eyes to shine a little bit.
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Jon sighed, trudging through the moon-lit alleyway, kicking a can idly as he walked. It had been a LONG day at work today, and he felt exhausted. Rich, entitled customers expecting their service droids, fancy vehicles, and various other pieces of machinery to be repaired ASAP. He loved his job, sure, but the clientele had gotten rather... elitist, as of late. His boss eventually took over talking to customers so he and his coworkers could focus on their work, but it still got to him.

As he kicked the can, it got a really good launch, rattling over an old dumpster. He glanced in the direction it went, and froze. Was that... an android? Immediately, thoughts of his awful day vanished from his mind as he jogged over, examining the slumped-over form in more detail and scanning it with his cybernetic eye.
Project 364 (played by Osris) Topic Starter

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Project 364 (played by Osris) Topic Starter

There was no info about the Android. She had no more power. Her face was all rusted like people have soaked her in water. Her clothes were all ripped from rats and mice. Some of her hair was gone. She just sat there. She was lifeless. She was just waiting to be saved from the alleyway.
Well damn. Nothing in the shop's database, and it seemed like whatever had happened had been intentional. Well, their loss. He shoves a few trash cans out of the way, scooping her still form up off the ground. "Looks like you're coming home with me, then," he comments as he starts walking towards the end of the alleyway.

He finally makes it back to his apartment, hefting the rusted and damaged android inside before he closes the door behind him. Setting her on the table, he shoves some junk out of the way so he can lay her down. "Looks like I'm not sleeping tonight," he muses as he grabs his tools and a bottle of spray-on rust remover.

It takes a couple hours to finish cleaning her up, though there's not much he can do about the damaged clothes and the missing hair at the moment. Satisfied with the end result, he hunts around her form for a charging port, wondering if he'll have to jury-rig a charging cable or something similar.
Project 364 (played by Osris) Topic Starter

She just laid there, the rust came over pretty easy. The rust was pretty new so it made it easy. When she was plugged in her eyes turned green, meaning she was charging. Hours later her eyes turned blue and she said “powering on..”
The cyborg blinks his eyes sleepily, disturbed by the voice. Looking around, he realized that apparently, he passed out on the couch while he waited for the android to charge. He pushes himself up onto his feet, moving over to the table while the android powers back on.
Project 364 (played by Osris) Topic Starter

Her eyes turned fully blue, she was confused on where she was. She looked around, she met eyes with Jon. “Where am I..?” She asked quietly and just looked at him. She had a very confused look on her face.
"You're in my apartment," the cyborg mechanic replies. "Found you in an alley a couple hours ago, rusting away behind a dumpster. Do you have a name?"
Project 364 (played by Osris) Topic Starter

She looked at him. “I’m project 364…” she said. She sighed. “Thanks for getting me out of the alleyway” she mumbled, she smiled a little at him.
"What, are you some kind of government or corporate project, with a name like that?" He chuckles, half-joking. "I'm Jon, by the way."
Project 364 (played by Osris) Topic Starter

“I’m not for the government, I don’t think I am at least..” she said, she was questioning herself a little. She honestly didn’t really know what she was for.
"So, what do you remember?" He leaned against the wall, examining her form. "You seem like a pretty high-end android, so there has to be a reason you'd get thrown out like that."
Project 364 (played by Osris) Topic Starter

“I remember being abused and being treated not right..” she mumbled and moved her hair from her face, or what was left of her hair.
"Sounds about right. Seems like the rich treat androids like toys, to be played with, destroyed, and thrown away."
Project 364 (played by Osris) Topic Starter

She slowly nodded. “Yea pretty’s awful..” she mumbled and sighed. She looked down.
"But anyway, you're still gonna need some cosmetic work. Hair's a bit messed up, and you're gonna need some new clothes, for sure. All things considered though, I'm surprised you didn't need any major mechanical repairs. Most androids have pretty sensitive internals, but as far as I can tell, you're completely functional. Might run some diagnostics eventually." He's interrupted by a yawn, and he chuckles softly.
"But, it's late, and I have work in the morning, so it'll have to wait. Not sure how 'sleeping' works for androids, so you just... do whatever it is you would usually do at nighttime, I guess, and I'll see you in the morning."
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