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Hi. I'm kind of new to this site, but I really would like to see MHA cannon and OC roleplay.

So far I haven't seen any, so why not make one? Pm me if you're interested



1. No OP quirks.
2. Be nice to everyone
3. Don't control other people's characters
4. All students will be in 1A
5. Respect each role-player.



Denki Kaminari.

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Barrah Kiatar (played anonymously)

I’ll be up for it if you can deal with cat people.
LemonZLime Topic Starter

Yeah! For sure!
Denki Kaminari (played anonymously)



Denki was in the common room, just laying on the couch. His body all over the couch, awaiting for company. Denki can feel his energy surge through his body. Denki sighed, wondering if the bakusquad is right...about being stupid. Denki rolled onto his stomach on the couch, waiting. Denki looked at his phone.
Fumikage Tokoyami (played anonymously)

Tokoyami had his hands stuffed in his pockets, looking down as he walked out of his room, into the (surprisingly) empty Common Room. As he looked up, he saw Denki laid out on the couch, clearly thinking about something. He decided to be friendly and nodded towards him as a greeting, Dark Shadow happily waving behind him.
Denki Kaminari (played anonymously)

Denki jumped, startled by a sound that he wasn't sure what it could be. Denki looked up from the couch, still on his stomach. He saw Tokoyami and he smirked as he immediately got up and then tried to run towards Tokoyami but he failed. His food slipped on the floor and fell onto the floor, he laid there for a little while. Denki wore his comfortable clothes, joggers, and a sweater. Grey pants, white sweater, yellow-blonde hair, with a lightning bolt. It's Denki! Denki got up quickly, sending a rush of blood to his brain, becoming light headed. Denki giggled a little as he stumbled toward Tokoyami but he stopped so he wouldn't faint. Holding the couch.

"HEy Tokoyami!! What's up! I'm surprised you didn't go with the others to the mall and stuff" Denki said as he looked at Tokoyami with a kind smile, and walking towards Tokoyami. Denki was a bit curious of why he was here.
Fumikage Tokoyami (played anonymously)

Tokoyami jumped slightly as Denki fell. He ran over to help him up. At the mention of the others being gone, he blinked a couple times, confused. Dark Shadow also looked confused as well. Dark Shadow began looking around for the others than sulked back to Tokoyami, shaking his head. Tokoyami nodded and patted Dark Shadow. He turned back to Denki and shrugged.
"I was never made aware that they were going anywhere at all... And, um... are you alright?"
Denki Kaminari (played anonymously)

Denki didn't take the help, although he did appreciate it very much. The bakusquad would have just left him there on the floor, so Denki was pretty surprised but he wasn't at the same time. It's Tokoyami! Denki smiled;

"Yeah! I'm good, and yeah they went to the mall. I didn't go because I didn't want to leave the others alone, some didn't go-" Denki said, rubbing his neck. One hand going through his hair "Do you want to hangout? I mean, I got nothing else to do"

Denki walked back to the couch and sat on it, with his legs dangling off of the arm of the couch. His back to the cushions and now seeing the world upside down, literally.
Fumikage Tokoyami (played anonymously)

Tokoyami looked at Dark Shadow who nodded. He shrugged and joined Denki on the couch, one leg tucked under the other with an elbow resting on the arm of the couch.
"Sure, Dark Shadow and I dont have any other plans..."
*Dark Shadow smiled happily as she rested on the back of the couch. Tokoyami looked up at the ceiling for a moment or two than turned his head towards Denki, slightly tilted.*
"So what do we wanna do?"
Denki Kaminari (played anonymously)

Denki "Hmm"ed as he tried to think of what he would want to do. He felt a bit lightheaded as he got upright and looked at Tokoyami with bright happy eyes, still thinking. Then an idea popped up into his mind and he was so--happy that he stood up excitedly and then said,

"We can pull a prank on the others!" Denki explained, it's not a bad idea but he wasn't quite sure Tokoyami would be interested. Denki could get into trouble but he would totally be fine with that. Denki awaited for Tokoyami
Fumikage Tokoyami (played anonymously)

Dark Shadow perked up at the mention of a prank. Tokoyami turned his head to Dark Shadow who nodded furiously. He turned back to Denki and shrugged. He didnt know if Shoji had gone but knew that Tsu probably went with Ochaco to the mall.
"I suppose a prank now and then woulnt hurt. I mean, as long as it doesnt hurt anyone, whether it be emotionally or physically."
*Dark Shadow let out a small 'Woo!' as Tokoyami smiled kindly towards Denki.*
Denki Kaminari (played anonymously)

Denki smirked chaotically as he pumped his arm to the side and yelled "Yes!" Denki couldn't stop smiling, he was hyped up to do this prank, although he didn't quite know what to do for the prank. Maybe scare them or something. Hopefully this won't put him on house arrest, where he couldn't go anywhere but from class to the dorms.

"Ok! Any idea's for the prank!?"
Fumikage Tokoyami (played anonymously)

Tokoyami though on it for a minute. Dark Shadow looked from Tokoyami to Denki and back. Tokoyami looked up at and tilted his head.
"Is there any unopened soup cans? 'Cause if there is, we could take the labels off I guess..."
He shrugged. He'd never done any pranks so he was kind of an amateur at it.
(oh may i join?)

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