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looking for a gta v realistic roleplay server then you have came to the right place. we here at essence in the mores rp aim to make the most realistic roleplay experience that gta v will allow, we have 7+ years experience in this server alone. we are open for anyone to apply and have a variety of jobs available, police, firefighter, medical, communication and civilian departments available to chose from, with each department having its unique jobs. CIVILLIAN any job that you can think of, shop owner, taxi driver, delivery, buss driver, mechanic, tow, and so much more. POLICE we have all the ranks and we have sub-divided into northern and southern and then sub-divided the duties. FIREFIGHTER/MEDICAL volunteer (FIRE ONLY) part/full time, on call or stationed, northern or southern the choice is yours. we also have various ranks you can work your way through.

we have a fully functioning economy and cad system where you can created your character earn some cash and buy vehicles or property or whatever it is you want to buy. we here at essence in the mores roleplay are more then just roleplay we are one big virtual family, so come along and see the side of Grand Theft Auto 5 that Rockstar hasn't given you .

search essence in the mores on discord to join :)

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