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Space is big, like really big. When you venture out there you need a place to start from, or maybe a destination.

To The Stars is a relaxed Sci-Fi Roleplaying group set in the pre-existing lore of Starfinder, giving it lots of locations, races, and story opportunities to build off without the pressure of needing to create it all ourselves. Sometimes, you just want to jump in and play around in the stars!

The group also offers the opportunity to flex your creativity welcoming both homemade ideas and ideas from other existing media to our setting. We are just here to have fun, and there is no need to force hard and fast rules limiting people's choices. Space is limitless, so should our options be!
Oh, except age, 21+ only. This is a big boys and girls club only, sorry kiddos.

Raving Reviews!!
"that looks cool" - random friend who isn't on this site.

"SPAAACE! space is cool and this group is cool too. anything related to space is cool by default. you can count on just one hand how many active sci-fi groups there are on RPR. this place needs more space." - OwlGryphon

So come check out the group today, see if it is calling your name! Most the setting threads are open for you to see, while the RPs are for members only. We are a brand new group, so we are pretty small and friendly, and hope to stay fairly relaxed. An easygoing trek through space awaits you here!

Visit To The Stars Today!


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