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So this is my newest character and I'm looking for some RP.

1. Please reply in at least a paragraph or more, it's not that hard to do.
2. Scarlett is a seductive type of vampire and will like to kill humans. If I RP with a human, it's gonna take a while for her to like them.
3. I usually like to do long term RPs and I like action and romance.
4. I probably will not RP with a werewolf, unless it is a hybrid.
5. You must try your best to use proper grammar and spelling.
6. This can either be a forum RP or PM. It just depends how much fighting we want and romance. I do live for the thrill.

I'll give it a shot. ;)

Would you like to do it over PM or forum? It just depends on how violent you want to get and such.

I think PM would be better because Zane is a half-demon hunter, so you can expect fountains of blood. ;)

Okay. ;) Do you have a plot in mind?

Nope, do you want to talk it out in a PM before we start?

Sure. Can you PM me? I have to run and go do something.


It might be fun to see how Daimonas and Scarlett interact because of the fact that Dai is a wolf demon who does not have a pack and has never encounter a vampire before but the scent of death and blood would give him a warning to stay away.

That sounds interesting. Does he know his true form yet?

Actually, no he does not yet.

Well it sounds very interesting. I would love to do this RP. She will use harsh language, violence, and seduction when she feels the need to.

That is fine with me but I do ask that there won't be any smut, I prefer fade-to-blacks due to the fact that I am in a relationship.

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Forums > Looking for RP > Vampire Looking for RP