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As new as I am, as shy as I am, I find I cannot resist posting in hopes of finding a fellow Yaoi RP fan. I would love to find a new partner to write Yaoi with so...if you love Yaoi, love intense stories, and need someone to write with...respond here or send me a message. :) Feel free to check out my characters, too. Oh yes, I've posted a few of those...>.> lol Hope to hear from you soon.

I am a yaoi fan and I do a bit of writing here and there . I even told my parents I was one and showed them my books . Could you image the conversation that followed .

I can make a few yaoi characters and alonepanda is a huge yaoi fan . I do have two books published sadly they are not Yaoi .

Hi I love to do yaoi rp's and writing yaoi fanfictions is usually how i procrastinate, and actually im currently writing one and im a bit stuck so if you would like to help that would be great.

I could help if you want .. .

I do like Yaoi I just have to make some characters .

I'm always up for any yaoi rps ^-^

Who doesn't love a godo Yaoi RP? I'm definatly up for some using any of my male characters.

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Forums > Looking for RP > Yaoi RPers?