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So I'm talking with someone through whisper and he says he tried to join but it wouldn't let him. He says he filled out the info and hit join, nothing happened.

Dunno there >.> but thought it might be an issue <.< Sorry if this causes more work for you!";

Ah never mind. I told him to try again, and it worked this time! Sorry ^.^'

Registration was down for about 16 hours on the... 17th? I think it was the 17th. This whole process is turning into a blur. But yeah, it's back up now. :)

Please never be sorry about reporting a bug that might cause more work! Even if it's more work for me, in the long run it's less frustration for the entire community. The best way to report a bug is to go to Help > Report a problem. That puts it directly on my to-do list and prevents me from losing it. My desk is so deep in scrawled notes to myself it's practically hidden from view.

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Forums > Help > Joining