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I could really use some help with this. :( I ported the Minimalist Purple template to a custom template to adjust the font-family, size and color and have been successful. All widgets adapted to the new font except the guestbook comments.

Comments are wrapped in a p class='guestbookcomment' tag which I modified in the CSS file to the following:

.guestbookcomment { font-family:cambria,arial,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size:12pt; color: #342152;}

It is the exact code I have used in the other classes, yet the actual comments remain tiny in font size. I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong here. Can anyone help me with figuring this out?

Looks like you're being overriden by a more specific class. When two styles conflict, the more specific one always wins.

Try adding ul.guestbook in front of .guestbookcomment.

ul.guestbook .guestbookcomment { font-family:cambria,arial,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size:12pt; color: #342152; }

I initially included the .guestbookcomment in the first piece of coding:

ul.guestbook .guestbookcommenter, ul.guestbook .commenttime { color: #342152; font-size:12pt; font-family:cambria,arial,helvetica,sans-serif; }

I added the font-family and size in here, but otherwise it is the original coding. I changed it to include the .guestbookcomment class, with no results.

As instructed I copy and pasted the code you suggested, but it doesn't work either. The guestbook comments are still a very small font.

After reloading, I'm seeing the size change. I'll try some other browsers.

The other directive used p.guestbook and so was still more specific by one letter. I removed the p part because it's probably going to get turned into a div anyway, and reloading is doing the trick for me on your page now.

It's all fixed now, in case anyone wondered. :)

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Forums > Help > Formatting guestbook comments in custom template