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Hello, Virus here announcing the start of a new RP. POKEMON : UNSUSTAINABLE

The premise of the RP will be to find a way to cleanse a radioactive wasteland this has over taken the Unova region. You are allowed to have up to six Pokemon to battle with and 1 extra to serve as an optional pet (pet cannot battle). Here is a synopsis of my idea...

"Ghetsis was fed up with being thwarted time and time again by heroic trainers and their Pokémon. He decides to leave a final mark on the region and launches one final assault on Unova and its inhabitants. He detonates a Hydrogen Bomb in the middle of Nimbasa city on top of Gear Station at the center of the town and the entire region. The catastrophe that happens afterward is horrific, many humans and Pokémon die in the blast and from the radiation that came afterward. The few who survived and those who were outside the destruction zone were evacuated to the North where the fallout couldn't travel. Weeks prior to the explosion, as Ghetsis obtained the radioactive materials, many Pokémon had made a mass exodus away from the region, that was the first and only sign.

Eventually the entire region has made it safely out of danger and are rebuilding in the “Northern Frontier” of Unova while a large portion of the Southern part is quarantined off to regular people and trainers. A call is issued to go and find a way to restore the region; the call is answered by very few."

Info on RP:
A few people and Pokémon managed to stick around and tough it out after Unova was evacuated. Most are crazy, looters, bandits, bounty hunters or wanderers.
Gangs are prevalent in the all the old cities, except for Nimbasa, it is currently a giant crater.
Certain Pokémon types managed to either hang on, adapt or evolved during and after the Fallout and initial calamity. A few types however have simply vanished, gone into hibernation or migrated away.

Hanging on – Fire, Ground
Unaffected – Rock, Ghost, Steel
Adapted – Electric, Fighting, Dark
Evolved – Poison, Dragon
Vanished – Water, Ice, Psychic
Migrated – Normal, Flying
Hibernating – Grass, Bug, Fairy

Zangoose, due to its natural ability, is popularly used by outlaws. It is classified as “Adapted”.
Reuniclus and its evolutionary line are counted as being “Unaffected” due to natural defenses, I.E. the special fluid surrounding its body.
Pre-historic Pokémon tend to grow larger and evolve quickly, types don’t mater with them they are all classified as “Evolved”.
All Legendaries and Pseudo-legendaries are classified as “Unaffected” regardless of type.
Any negatively paired typings with a positive type is counted as the positive type’s classification. (Example: Water/Ground type would be classified as “Hanging on”)

In battle if one of your Pokémon is listed among the negatively affected types and does not fall under any of the exceptions above, the pokéball it belongs inside will automatically retrieve it after 5 minutes of use. The reason being to prevent the Pokémon from being endangered from detected radiation and permanent irradiation. Afterward it will decontaminate the Pokémon inside from the radiation it absorbed, the process takes roughly 10 minutes. You may switch out with another while the first is being cleaned.

Certain safe zones that were untouched by the fallout exist. I.E. buildings and cities outfitted to be radiation resistant, radiation free zones called “Oases”, caves, etc.

Take the Pokémon you need. Preferably ones that are positively classified to deal with the radiation problem naturally. There will not be much clean water, if any is still out there, and the air above in the clouds of dust are hazardous. They are toxic and turbulent. There won’t be to many places to switch out Pokémon at a PC, so pick wisely before leaving the safe parts of the “Northern Frontier”.

Anyone interested?

This is open yes?

where does fighting type pokemon fall into this list?

EDIT: opps found it nvm

lol my team is pretty much a perfect fit for this world

@Sketch444 : Yep, I have 3 openings and 1 reservation - besides myself.

@Warwick : Sweet!!! You wanna join too?

Alright, I assume fakemon aren't allowed so yeah XD (Ignore the pokemon around the guy in the middle) That's my Trainer.

His team is:
Noivern: DJ T3KN0
Gengar: Grimm
Aegislash: Psycho Blade
Tyrantrum: Grimlock
Galvantula: Alexie
Houndoom: Axel

Im sure some of you are acquainted with my star studded all star team of awesomeness!

Crush- Crawdaunt
King- Tyrantrum
Freak- Dusclops
Goliath- Tyranitar
Rage Quit- Primeape
Static- Electivire

@Sketech444 : He'd be fine, but I think he'd be dressed differently for this RP. He'd stick out like a sore thumb when bandits are around. XD

And yeah, Fake-mon are definitely not allowed. My reasoning, there are 721 pokemon. Pick one. XD

@Warwick : You're good too!!!

IDK if I'd wanna redesign him XD Though he may have some added on armor and the Jacket would be much more drab and dirty.

No not a complete re-design, but like you said some armor, well worn-out clothing and maybe a different hat. But it'll ultimately be up to you. ^^'

Yeah IDK if I'll change the hat, but I imagine hte clothes would be worn and I'll prolly add armor to it and such. IDK what kind of armor though XD would bandits use conventional weaponry in addition to the pokemon?

That's fine I guess.

Electrified prods, flaming swords, spiked shields... But not too many guns, they'd be a hot commodity - none of our own trainers should use dangerous weapons. Anything we carry is for emergency use only - not to be abused.

Here's what Emil looks like. 1 2
And here is some of his equipment; a retractable shield that can be charged with energy, a mega solar rechargable battery pack to power his equipment, shock gauntlets, goggles with zoom, infrared and night-vision, backpack full of emergency supplies, armored shoulder/knee/elbow pads, cloth mask with a built in air filter.

Alright Jake's equipment would be a modified respirator(Has the top half of a welding mask attached to it), his armor plating(Two similar plates on his for arms, a plate on his upper left arm, two plates on his shoulders that resemble Aaron heads, though cleared out, Knee pads, and a chest gaurd), bombs(Smoke bomb, filled with smoke supplied by Axel, Poison bomb, filled with the spikes from toxic spike, usually collected from battles with poison pokemon), and a hand held miniature chainsaw(Think a mix between the Ripper from Fallout and the Buzzaxe from Borderlands)

I have a feeling that weapons like those would be used too eagerly. Take Emil for instance; his shield can protect him from Pokemon attacks as well as human attacks, his shock gauntlets act primarily as a key in the RP for reasons I won't get into but Emil would only use this weapon as a last resort if he, his Pokemon or someone else he is trying to protect is in danger.

The smoke bomb sounds good, maybe down play the poison bomb to just a spike bomb, but the chainsaw I don't think would be appropriate - this is still the Pokemon world. His armor sounds cool but I'd love to see it!!!

I hope you aren't offended by these requests, this RP idea is very special to me - I've played it out before with other friends off site and a lot of memories were made.


Just a quick question, could his armor plates be made from the plating on Agrons? Like he came across some dead ones and simply made use of their steel paltigns? If so then I imagine his weapons could be a spiked gauntlet that uses Agron horns on it.

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Forums > Looking for RP > Pokemon : Unsustainable (Discussion area)