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So I have been toying with the idea of bringing a writing community together on Furcadia. It would be a place to get inspiration, seek advice, share your latest pieces and just have a good time with friends. It would to help people with their RP through mentoring, group activities and little class sessions. I am looking to get an idea of the interest level as well as any contributions anyone wants to give. Ideas, prompts, writing challenges, suggestions, etc.

This isn't a project I will take lightly or be undergoing alone. There will be a dream, website and forum. I have prompts. challenges, activities and such already laid out for the month of Jan. I'd like to "open" Jan. 1st and bring in the new year with muse and new friends. What I could really use from the community is a dream. I'm just to busy to put a small dream together. Just needs to be a hub with some separate rooms for people to have personal discussions and host the group activities.

I've the website up here and I'll throw up some dinky forums through spleafnet(formally acornrack) since I know that process more than phpboards.

If this is a stupid idea or won't receive much interest then its not really worth my time. I truly think it could be something fun and cool for Furcadia, even if its just a small group of friends. If this is something you'd like to participate in or (even better) contribute to, drop a message here or in my inbox.

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Forums > RP Discussion > FWC: Furcadia Writing Community