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(The setting takes place near a lake surrounded by cliffs)

A woman with long, bluish purple hair danced beside a pure blue lake.Not far from where she danced,there was a sword sheath,two dagger sheaths,a silver bow,and a white quiver full of silver arrows. As she danced,she sang a song in a strange language,but the song had a sad tune.A few spirits who were nearby came closer and listened to the woman sing.The song could be heard for miles around as loud and clear like you were standing right next to the woman.This song caught the attention of a few ogres and they when they saw the woman,they hid in the ring of trees nearest to the lake,but they could be seen from the cliffs.

Not far from the woman was a young girl with brown hair and curious eyes. Hearing the song, she had followed it's sound nearly into the clearing itself. Liza had not noticed the ogres, as the woman's voice entranced her. Instead of walking towards the lake, revealing herself and possibly causing the singing to stop, Liza chose instead to climb the nearest tree and continue to watch. She wore a simple green traveling tunic, and corked class bottles clanked against each other on her right hip. Most noticeable about Liza was the crystal vial filled with red liquid hanging from her neck.

The woman reached the end of her song and opened her eyes,which looked reddish purple.She sighed and walked over to her weapons.She strapped the sword to her left hip,strapped the daggers the her thighs,and strapped the quiver to her back so the opening where the arrows were was to her right.She held the bow and pulled out three arrows from the quiver and notched them in her bow.She pointed the bow the direction the ogres were.The ogres saw the silver arrows pointed at them and started to back away then turned around and ran away like like a car runs away from water.The woman placed the arrows back into the quiver and huffed.

Liza's eyes widened in surprise. I didn't even know those ogres were there! Amazing! She had also never seen anyone use three arrows at once, this woman must be talented! She also might be dangerous... Liza bit her upper lip and decided the best course of action would be to continue hiding. Sure this woman had a wonderful voice, but that could mean any number of things. She could be a siren! I'll just..stay up here, yeah.

Her left foot came down upon a lower branch to re-position her body for what might be a long wait. Unfortunately the branch disagreed with how light Liza assumed her body mass was. The limb snapped, throwing the teenager off balance. Several painful sounding *thumps!* later the girl manage to grab one of the lowest tree-branches and braced for the coming lurch. It hurt, her entire body felt like it clenched together and she somehow managed to slam her head against the same branch she was holding onto. "Ow!"
Oh well.. She thought, At least I didn't hit the ground..

The woman heard the noise behind her.The woman spun around,notched an arrow and pointed the bow at the place where the other girl was."I know your up there.If you mean no harm,then I won't hurt you."The woman's reddish purple eyes turned gold as she spoke.

"Do I look like I could harm anyone?" Liza snapped, momentarily forgetting how easily arrows can pierce the heart. She released the branch and dropped to the ground with a grunt, then raised both hands into the air.

"See? I don't even have any weapons." Her arm hurt, her head hurt, and the multiple glass bottles at her side clanked together and against her thy irritatingly. The contents of the bottles shuffled around angrily. One bottle had water, another sticks, while a third and fourth contained earth and flint respectively.

"It's not my fault I can sense living beings and not weapons."The woman said as she removed the arrow and placed it back into the quiver.She looked back at the other girl,her own eyes turning back to their original reddish purple."If you don't mind me asking,who are you?"

"And what if I do mind? Will you point an arrow at me again?" Liza wasn't really as angry as she acted, but the girl was shaken from the predicament. She started rubbing her shoulder in an attempt to work the new found kinks out, then glanced at the woman again. "Liza."

She paused for a moment, then,

"Who are you?"

The woman tensed for a moment as if afraid to say who she was."My name is Spirit,a soul elemental."Spirit looked at Liza,waiting for a reaction.

Liza blinked for a moment, slightly taken aback. Then she appeared thoughtful. After that one hand brushed softly across one of her glass bottles, they tinkled and clanked. Finally the girl shrugged causally. "Wow, can't say I've actually met an elemental before. What all do you do?" I have met stranger though Liza brushed the thought away, she did not want to think about him...about them.

"I control souls and can remove my own from my body."Spirit looked at the sword by her side."I also cause people pain without meaning to."She said to herself.

"Well...everyone can do that!" Liza smirked at the woman. "I know I have, all the time! I'm getting better at it though." She was getting irritated at staying still so long, and Spirit didn't seem eager to send an arrow through her flesh anymore, so after another stretch the girl ducked past the woman in an attempt to get down to the lake.

Spirit watched Liza."Why are you here anyway?"

Liza sighed and closed her eyes impatiently. She was getting tired of being questioned by a stranger, especially now that she was no longer in a weak position. "I'm sorry do you own this lake? Is it named after you? What are you doing here?" She turned her back on the woman, kneeling before the lake and cupping some water into her hands for a good long drink.

Spirit looked away."I needed to get out of a certain place."She looked at the sky."People think I'm a priestess and they hate me because of it."

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