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(This RP is for me and KuroSakuranbo14.)
Shegarra sighed as she watched two men get kicked out of the tavern for fighting again.She was sitting at the bar wearing a black shirt and black shorts,causing her pale skin to glow slightly.Her black hair was in a ponytail and she had a dangerous aura,but that was only from her Shadow Warrior side.Since she wasn't patrolling at the moment,she didn't have any weapons with her except her ability to turn into a shadow and to control darkness.As she turned around to place her elbows on the bar,she heard something about another attack from the vampire the Shadow Warriors were trying to track down.The vampire had brutally killed two people already and the vampire was one of the reasons Shegarra wasn't patrolling.The other Shadow Warriors thought she was still inexperienced to take on a vampire just because she was young.Shegarra sighed,glad she didn't have to listen to the others about her being young.

John had another mission to track down, kill, and collet the ashes of another vampire. He was told to be careful because the vampire seemed to be on a rampage and would kill anyone. He didn't care whatsoever. He walked into a small tavren as he did two men got kicked out of it. He had a dark gray button down shirt, black pants, and a black overcoat. His brown hair slightly covering one of his purple/ red eyes. He looked around the tavern and took a seat at the bar; not noticing the strange arua covering the girl a few seats away from him.

Shegarra looked up as a man entered the tavern and sat down.She turned back to the bar,shifting slightly as she felt a few people stare at her.She knew it wasn't often a Shadow Warrior would come and sit there quietly.She turned her head to glare at the people staring at Shegarra,her dark purple eyes darkening to a black.A few of the people left the tavern in fear and being uncomfortable around Shadow Warriors.The others smirked at her.Shegarra turned away and let out an irritated breath.Her eyes returned to their usual dark purple,but the aura around her became slightly more dangerous.

John stared to notice the girls dangerous arua, and saw some people leaving. He found it strange and unusual, but he didn't think it was cause of him. He had his sword his side; the hilt showing. He was trying to think of where to find the vampire he was looking for. Most likely he thought the vampire has gone mad with blood lust and aim for a more cowarded area. Even though on the outside it did not show what he was thinking, it was clear he had something to do. He wanted to get this vampire killed as soon as possible.

One of the men that had smirked when Shegarra had glared at them walked over to Shegarra."Shouldn't you be hunting down a vampire,Shadow Warrior?"Shegarra glared at him,but didn't move."That's none of you business why I'm here."Her voice was low,almost a growl.The man grabbed her arm."Then I guess you don't mind me asking a few questions."Shegarra's eyes turned black as she yanked her arm out of the man's grasp,her aura becoming more dangerous."Don't touch me."She growled."All I want to ask you about is someone's location because I know you Shadow Warriors know where my friend is along with the vampire that been killing everyone."The man leaned forward to threaten her.Shegarra pushed him away and stood up."I may or may not know where the vampire is,but I'm not telling you anything if I did."And with that,Shegarra walked out of the tavern onto the street outside.

John was suprised by the inforamtion of that girl was a Shadow Warrior and more so can help him find the vampire he has been tracking. He looked at the man then his look turned to a glare. "Anything to do with vampires and such is none of a human's conern." John stood up and walked out of the tavren after the girl. He hoped she wouldn't try to attack him. He vowed never to stain his sword with the blood of the incconce. "Ma'am?" He called in a voice slightly above a whispter.

Shegarra turned around,startled slightly.Her eyes were dark purple as she looked at the man."What is it?"Shegarra asked as she rubbed her forehead to ease stop a headache from forming.

John was reliefed that the girl did not want to try and fight him. "I require your help if you please. I am John Yoi, Vampire Hunter." He bowed his head in repsect, to show he meant no harm. "I am in the middle of hunting a vampire that is on a rampage and is in need of being removed." John kept his distance from the girl, so if she tried to attack him.

"I am Shegarra and as you found out in the tavern,I am a Shadow Warrior."Shegarra sighed,tired of people thinking she was a threat."The vampire your talking about is probably the one the other Shadow Warriors are chasing down,not that they'll ever catch the vampire."Anger laced her voice,but Shegarra took a deep breath and looked at John."I'm guessing you want help finding the vampire."

((Sorry for the late reply, I had a chorus concert to go too.))

John nodded. "Yes, if ou do not mind helping me out. I have no leads on where the vampire might be at, no clues whatsoever, miss." He didn't know much about the vampire he was after. Just simple stuff like age, height, weight, strenght, reason why he is hunting that vampire. Nothing more.

(Lol.It's okay)
Shegarra rubbed the back of her head."I'll help you even though I might get in trouble for disobeying a direct order,not that I care."Shegarra smiled.A bell from a church sounded,warning everyone that there was an hour till midnight."The vampire should be coming out of his hiding place right now."Shegarra sighed and closed her eyes to make sure the other Shadow Warriors did not know she was out on the streets.

John nodded his thanks. "Thank you, ma'am. I will repay uou for this favour." He didn't care about the time or if others knew he was around, he was still human even though he was a vampire hunter.

"There is no need to repay me.I'm just helping out when I can."Shegarra closed her eyes and pinpointed the vampire since he was hiding in the shadows."He's not far.From what I sense,he's right at the end of the street corner."Shegarra concentrated harder and felt a few other energies that seemed to be fading.They were other Shadow Warriors and from what it seems,they were losing the fight to kill the vampire."We better hurry because other Shadow Warriors are losing the fight fast."Shegarra opened her eyes,which had turned black.

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