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Hey how do you get to the store,and how do you buy items? Does buying items cost real money?


You can go to the store through Dashboard > Your Inventory > then click the red "Purchase Items" button at the top.

Yes, they cost real money - it's what helps the site stay in existence and allow everyone free accounts with free character slots.

When Moa is in town (like today), she will let you trade rainbow accolade knots rpr_celticknots_pastelrainbow2.png for items (sometimes other accolades as well). You can earn these rainbow knots by welcoming 19 or more people in a timely fashion on the Introductions forum between the first and last day of the month. :)

Does that help and/or do you have any other questions?

You can also go to Dashboard > Upgrades to go directly to the store.

Thanks,really appreciate it.

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Forums > Help > Store