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Forums > Help > I can't seem to upload to my gallery

I can't seem to upload any images to my gallery. I've tried clearing cookies, history and a bunch of other things, rebooting my computer, but it's consistently giving me the below message in the screenshot. I am uncertain as to what to do.

Edit: Seems small, it says "Syntax Error: Unexpected end of input" The file is a JPG and is smaller than 500kb


This sounds like an error Kim would have to fix on RPR's side, although I'm able to upload an image just fine so I'll give it a shot and see if I can help until Kim can take a look. :)

Do you have any plugins installed in Chrome? If so, can you try disabling them and seeing if you can upload it now?

If that doesn't fix it, can you link to the image you're trying to upload so I can see if I get the same issue with it?

So I tried without any extensions and from a couple different browsers and still encountering the same issue. Only plugin I had installed was AdBlocker

Is it one specific image on one profile, or all images on any profile? If you can upload and share the image here (like through Imgur) that would be useful. If it's a mature image you can also PM it. :)

Thank you for going through those debugging steps! That narrows things down considerably.

If it's a specific image and not all images ever, email it directly to so I can test with it. Services like imgur will often alter the file upon upload, sometimes making it useless for me to test with.

I've sent the file to the listed e-mail!

Any update on this? :)

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Forums > Help > I can't seem to upload to my gallery