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Hello one and all! Kamizombie here with some important news! My wife is accepting Art Commissions!


Who is my wife and why is she so awesome? Well, she's an incredibly talented artist who has been working on her artwork for over two decades now, and now she's advertising for commissions here as well!

Prices range form $15 to $60 for individuals, and multiple characters within a commission are up for discussion!
1. No Sexual or pornographic imagery. Nude characters are open to discussion, but may be refused.
2. Yoshi does have the right to decline an artwork for any reason. While this won't happen often, it can sometimes happen.
3. Payment will be done via Paypal, and will only be asked for once the piece is finalized. There are no refunds once the work is sent.
4. Yoshi will attempt to do at least one commission a week. It might be more than that or it might be less. Life does happen for us, occasionally. ^^;
5. Commissions will be discussed either with myself or with Yoshi. I can be reached usually from 12am to 2pm Pacific Time. Yoshi can sometimes be reached from 1pm to 4pm on workdays. However, once again, life happens. We will get to you as soon as we can, however.

You can inquire either by messaging me or by entering and inquiring via the Art Discord

Need further proof of her wondrous capabilities? Look no further! Anthros! Chibis! You name it!

I may consider commissioning you!

Asroc wrote:
I may consider commissioning you!

Feel free to join the Discord. ^^

I joined up!

There are still plenty of spots open!

First Commission completed: Lineart, no color.

Second Commission done: Colored full body.

New Commission finished: Full Body, full color!

New Commission finished: Full body, full color!


New Commission completed! Full Body, Full color!


New Commission completed!
(lingerie shot, PG-13 rating, viewer discretion advised)

New commission completed!


New Commission is up. (Full Body, Full Color)


New commission done!


New image is here!


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Forums > Art & Creativity > Princess Yoshi's AG Art Commissions!